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Classes are designed for  three age groups. one is for 6-12 years old children, second is for age 12+, the third is 16+

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Little Artist and designer

This class is designed for promoting and developing 6-12 years old kids’ ability of observation, aesthetic and creativity through exploring both contemporary art and traditional art techniques. During the class, students will learn to use a variety of art techniques and materials. Each class will focus on learning one art  medium and creating a finish piece of your own


Workshop 1: Foundations – Knowing Fabrics and Resist Dyeing (Lab)

*This class is for all ages (6+), but kids under 12 should be accompanied with an adult.

Workshop 3: Endless/Repeating pattern- Being able to draw or sketch, no Lab (Recommend to take Workshop 4)

*This class is for age 12+

Workshop 5: Working Day for your products

*This class is for age 16+

Surface Design/Fiber Art

Workshop 1- 6 are designed for people (mainly for age 16+) who love surface design/fiber art and fashion design. During class students will learn fabric manipulation techniques, Such as resist dyeing, painting, printing, drawing, sculptural textile, applique patterns, simple draping and construction design, etc.

Workshop 2: Advance Resist Dyeing (multiple color, intricate pattern created by discharging, and Dyeing)

*This class is for age 16+

Workshop 4: Making stencil and printing

*This class is for age 16+

Workshop 6: Critique and build portfolio

*This class is for age 16+

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