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My Master of Fine Art thesis project, Underwater Forest(sole exhibition 2017), is intended to remind people of the beauty of nature and the importance of taking care of our ecosystems. It comes from my own imagination of a Utopian universe, and was created by hundreds of traditional plant-based resist-dye techniques. This installation is not only for preserving but also for the development and innovations of traditional plant-based dye techniques, to meet the needs of contemporary textile art. It is interdisciplinary in that it involves tie-dyeing, botany, chemistry, the environment, and contemporary art. The thesis statement will demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the relationship between traditional artisans and contemporary artists by talking about the installation, my creative process, and craftsmanship.

“Looking through the windows”/"Drawing without Pencils" is a series of textile artworks. It was mainly inspired by my life experience. I am not a sociable person, and I spent most of my time at home or travel a alone. Watching busy pedestrians and views outside of the windows or reflections on the glass is my favorite thing.  I was deeply attracted to silhouette of people, trees, and buildings reflected on the window or on the inside wall (through the glass). I imagined where these people were going to work, shop, or visit. Were they happy, sad, or angry? Can they see me through the window? Are people noticed that a person beside the window was looking at them? I started to think about the ways to communicate with society through textile art. In past ten years, I explored many skills, such as painting, drawing, printmaking and fabric resist dyeing to create my textile art works. Besides, I am an Eco friendly artist and designer, and am especially interested in manipulating fabrics with natural dyes.

Doors Across Time (sole exhibition March and September 2014)

These works from my MA thesis installation the "Doors Across Time". 

Paintings and mixed media arts

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